Friday, September 16, 2016

Hackers and Hacks

We keep hearing from the news that Russia is responsible for the hacks of the DNC and others recently. The Washington Post, once a prestigious and trusted news source, but now sadly corrupted so thoroughly with partisanship that it can no longer be taken seriously, recently wrote: “The recent spate of embarrassing emails and other records stolen by Russian hackers…” But while it might be the Russians, and it sure looks likely, we don’t actually know for sure who did it, and there’s no actual proof that it was Russia or even Russian hackers independent from the Russian government.

The constant accusations against Russia are nothing more than a distraction tactic so that the news people can avoid talking about the embarrassing revelations of corruption within the DNC and habitually committed by Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton as much as possible. It’s been fairly effective, with most news programming and articles I’ve read talking mostly about Russia and accusing Donald Trump of benefitting, but not so much about the contents of the documents. This is amazing: our news people would rather talk about an unsubstantiated allegation than they want to talk about actual facts that prove unprecedented levels of corruption within the party in power and their nominee.

And the greatest irony is that our news industry has become so inundated by partisan propaganda, they don’t seem to have the time to investigate actual news anymore. The revelations from the hacked documents should have come from our own press, but they’re too busy engaging in partisan propaganda to do their actual job anymore. That, in a word, is scandalous. They spend more time misinforming us these days than they do informing us, and they never report straight news without feeding it through the agenda purposing machine at least once to make sure it can serve to push some political agenda. If it can’t push an agenda, it doesn’t get reported anymore. That is quite simply journalistic malpractice.

But never mind the fact that our news people are using the accusation against Russia as an excuse to withhold important facts from the public as much as they can; what about the effect these accusations are going to have on our country’s diplomatic relationships with Russia, a country we very seriously need to partner with on many problems around the world? Well, I can tell you that this is poisoning the well with Russian relations: that’s for sure. And what if it turns out in the end that Russia was not behind the hacks? Boy will the Democrats and their shills in the news be guilty of one (more) major screw-up that seriously harms our foreign policy!

So to recap: we don’t know for sure who the hackers are, but we definitely know for sure who the hacks are.

I find it sad and, frankly, treasonous, that the vast majority of our news is flat-out partisan propaganda aimed at promoting Democrats and smearing Republicans, no matter what the cost. By cost I mean this: During the Bush Administration, the media, including comedy shows, attacked Bush with smears so frequently about the Iraq War that the whole world believed the worst about America’s actions around the world, and they still do to this day. Also, the news people so habitually accuse all Republicans as being racist that most of the world considers America to be a deeply racist nation. All of their propaganda intended to sway our opinions in favor of Democrats get broadcast around the world, and even the most vide, dishonest smears become belief about America around the world. It is amazingly detrimental to the country to have such dishonest partisan hit jobs shown so pervasively in our news reports. And the funny thing is that the news people will defend the exact same corruption, incompetence and dishonesty when Democrats do it that they rant and rave frothing at the mouth over when Republicans do THE SAME THING. The Freedom of the Press was never intended to allow them to become the propaganda wing of one of the two major political parties. Maybe that’s why a new Gallup poll show that only 32% of Americans trust the news media anymore: the lowest in history by 8%. That is pathetic, and I believe they are not only betraying the country by engaging in such blatant partisan propaganda, but they’re ultimately going to seriously harm the DNC in the end.

Here’s a joke I wrote about the current state of partisanship in the news media:

Why doesn’t the left-wing news just register as a SuperPAC for the Democratic Party? Because SuperPACs aren’t allowed to coordinate with the candidates they support. (<And the news coordinates with Democrats all the time!)

Here’s the story from the Washington Post beginning with a purported fact there is no substantiation for, and as such is merely speculation intended as a distraction tactic for propaganda purposes:

(BTW: Again, I do not support either major political party, as they’re both dishonest, corrupt, incompetent and arrogant self-interested scam artists. I believe I am voting for Jill Stein this time around, but ultimately I would like for Kirsten Gillibrand to be the president. And for the record, I’m not anti-Democratic Party, I’m just against a corrupt DNC and a corrupt Democrat nominee for president, and I’m tired of them always getting away with everything because the news media and the government apparatus are so corrupted by partisanship.)