Friday, September 15, 2017

Rogaine Hank Williams Ad (Joke/Proposed)

While thinking about my recent hair loss I started singing a joke version of the famous Hank Williams song: “Your Cheatin’ Heart”, changing the title to: “Your Cheatin’ Hair”. And I think that would actually make a fun ad for Rogaine.

The words could be (There’s really only time for one chorus and maybe a verse in an ad):

Your cheatin’ hair, has been untrue,
Your cheatin’ hair, fell out on you.

Amazon Restaurants Arlo Guthrie Ad (Proposed)

An Amazon Restaurants ad could use the Arlo Guthrie song: “Alice’s Restaurant”, but altered to: “Amazon’s Restaurants”, singing:

“You can get anything you want, at Amazon’s Restaurants.” (Etc.)

(The movie Alice’s Restaurant was on TCM last night. You’ll never guess what gave me the idea for this possible ad song for Amazon Restaurants. Well, it was that, and seeing the promo card for Amazon Restaurants offering 10% off on your first order. I got the card at Pastina in Westwood, one of my favorite restaurants.)

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Gas-X/Beano Blondie Joke Ad Song

To the tune of: “Heart of Glass” by Blondie:

Once had lunch that gave me gas,
Soon had farts come out my ass,
Put out a real stink, wish my nose was blind,
Mucho mistrust in my behind.

Blondie sings the above joke version of: “Heart of Glass” and then tell us about how they’ve gotten rid of the gas with Gas-X or Beano.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Gargamel's Diner

Serving up World Famous Smurfburgers since 1958!

Doggie Bag Materials

Recently I went to a nice restaurant and took some leftovers home with me in a take-out container that said on it: "Made from a Min. of 50% Recycled Pet Material."

Oh, my God: It's a doggie bag made out of dogs!

Local Port-o-let Joke Ad

In my sister's neighborhood where everyone is always renovating their homes into gauche McMansions to flip, the streets are lined with potable toilets for the construction workers to use during the work day. And the name of the company on these portable toilets is: "Andy Gump".

So I think the slogan printed on these portable toilets should read: "Take a Dump with Andy Gump!"

Slay It With Flowers

While sitting in the waiting room for a doctor's appointment this week I saw a book called: "Slay It With Flowers".

I couldn't help but wonder: Has the band Slayer read this book? Maybe Slayer should record an album, or better yet, star in an ad campaign for a florist where they wear flower-pattern clothes and glasses/sunglasses with flower-shaped frames and flowers in their hair while playing guitars with flowers painted all over them, and the announcer invites us to: "Slay it with flowers!"

Then, as a tag we'd see some head-banging hippies dressed up in flower costumes and thrashing their heads up and down and all around while wearing giant flower petals all around their faces/heads.