Thursday, July 20, 2017

The Many-Assed God

The Faceless Men in Game of Thrones worship the “Many-Faced God”, a god who permits them to wear the faces of anyone within their temple, the House of Black and White.

But in our actual society, lots of people look more at people’s butts than they look at people’s faces, and so in real life, perhaps we could have a “Many-Assed God” who allows its worshippers to wear the butt of anyone they want to in order to attract lots of attention (with a very sexy butt), or to avoid attention (with an old and flabby butt). And if the Many-Assed God’s followers were also assassins like the followers of the Many-Faced God, they could get their targets to stare at a very sexy butt, keeping their victims distracted looking down while the assassins killed them with unseen hands. It might even work better than having the ability to wear many faces, because if the butt is sexy enough, perhaps nobody will even notice what that person’s face looked like.