Sunday, March 26, 2017

Fungi Cure Shower Ad

This is a really cute ad, showing a couple’s feet in the shower, and the man has toenail fungus on his big toe, and the woman’s feet back away.

But in the tag, their feet get closer, but then one of her feet moves up in the air, and what do you know, it’s her foot that corresponds to his infected toe from before! I think her foot knew he was trying to give her his toenail fungus, and it preemptively moved into a defensive position.

(Actually, that that raised leg is from the kiss photograph we all know from WWII, and all the movies that make fun of it.)

Here’s the fun Fungi Cure commercial:

And here’s that famous kiss picture from WWII with the popping foot:

And here’s Batman and Batgirl doing that same pose (I assume it’s Batgirl?):