Saturday, March 4, 2017

ServPro Rubber Ducky Ad

In this spot a bathtub above a couple’s apartment, or in their home (not sure we can tell which from the spot), overflows and the water comes flooding through the ceiling below. Then the ServPro people show up to clean it all up (but this time they’re life-size humans who can do it, instead of those little animated action figures we all knew probably couldn’t), and once it’s all back to normal, we hear the announcer saying the slogan and stuff about how it never really happened, and we see that not only can this company clean up water damage, but they can also freeze people like Adam Sandler in the movie Click, or like lots of aliens in old sci-fi movies and sit coms, and they can also erase their memories. So when the ServPro people leave, they leave the remote in the woman’s hand and a rubber ducky in the man’s hand before they wake them up, and it seems like the couple is not aware the ServPro people have ever even been there. So I wonder if this couple now thinks their home is haunted by a ghost child, or maybe a demon posing as one? I’m pretty sure these people have seen The Conjuring. (Also, the man was holding the remote before; was this a comment by the ServPro people on how women should have control of the remote? Because if they know he’s always hogging it, then they’re obviously spying on them; and if they’re spying on them, how do we know they didn’t sneak in and overflow the bathtub so they could give her the remote?)

But you know, I’ll bet they find out it really happened when they get the bill from ServPro. Or could they dispute the bill and not have to pay it because they think it never really did happen? Maybe this memory erase thing won’t end up being good for company profits!

Here’s the swamped spot: