Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Kingsford Charcoal Senate Grilling Ad (Proposed)

We see a newscast where an anchorwoman is interacting with a correspondent who is reporting on the Senate questioning a new presidential appointee seeking confirmation:

“Kira, they’ve just been grilling him all afternoon about his past associations.”
“Grilling him? Hmmm… All afternoon?”
“Yes Kira, they’ve been grilling him all day, and, um, well, they’ve been, um…”
“Mmmmm…you know what? I’m getting kind of hungry with all this talk of grilling.”
“Yes…grilling all day…mmm…sounds good, doesn’t it?”
“It sure does! Grab the Kingsford charcoal and fire up the grill!”
“Yes, I’ll bet that would put a spike in the approval ratings!”