Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Credit Card “Buy Accident” Ad (Proposed)

We see someone in a giddy mood shopping for clothes at some swanky store, and they buy some article of clothing that does not suit them and which costs way too much. When they get it home, they hold it up with a smile that quickly turns upside-down into a frown. Then the announcer chimes in, saying: “Have you ever experienced a ‘buy-accident’? It’s when you buy something you think you’ll love, but when you get it home you don’t love it anymore? Maybe it doesn’t fit quite right, or maybe you changed your mind? Well, ‘buy-accidents’ are a thing of the past when you get the (whatever brand/type of) credit card! No matter what the reason, if you’re unhappy with a purchase, we’ll refund your money guaranteed, with no questions asked. So get the (whatever) card, and get rid of ‘buy-accidents’ forever!” Then we see the woman hold up the article of clothing again and she frowns, but then it magically changed into a handful of cash, and she smiles.