Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Gorilla Super Glue Brush & Nozzle “Toy Truck Debate” Ad

In this spot for Gorilla Super Glue, we see a family of three (mom, dad, and little boy), with the parents  arguing in a home improvement store over what kind of super glue to get to glue a tire onto their son’s broken toy pickup truck: one with a brush applicator, or some with a nozzle. So they end up devolving into saying: “Brush!” and: “Nozzle!” to each other as the little boy looks up at them in an irritated manner. But just then, the heroic silver backed Gorilla Glue gorilla shows up and presents them with the new Gorilla Super Glue bottle with both a brush and a nozzle applicator, thus saving the day, and preventing a nasty divorce and custody battle where both parents use their son as a pawn with which to leverage each other’s misery.

(Oh, but then the kid drops the already broken toy truck, presumably ruining it beyond repair. No, I’m not kidding: see for yourself below!)

But I think the ad should have gone like this: The couple argues in the store in front of their son as before, and the gorilla walks in, uses the Gorilla Super Glue to glue the arguing parents’ mouths shut (naturally using their preferred type of applicator: brush or nozzle), and walks away, leaving the kid there laughing his ass off.

But I guess they wouldn’t do that, now would they?

Here’s the super gluey spot: