Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Weight Loss Perception Pants

We’ve all seen the ads for weight loss products where some guy holds up a pair of really big pants in front of him to show how much weight he’s lost. It’s very convincing. And that’s why we’ve developed the ultimate in weight loss perception: really enormous waist-size pants for you to hold up in front of yourself so you look like you’ve lost a lot of weight!

With the Weight Loss Perception Pants, there’s no exercise, no yucky foods to eat, and no fuss: simply hold the enormous pants up in front of you, and everyone will think you’ve lost weight! Whenever anyone thinks you’re fat, simply hold up your Weight Loss Perception Pants, and all of a sudden you’ll seem thin by comparison!

What’s our secret? It’s all in the pants! (Well, we don’t want everyone to know this, but if people see someone holding up a pair of enormous pants in front of them, everyone naturally assumes those are the guy’s pants from before when he was even fatter. And then they’ll think he looks thin compared to the pants, and they won’t think he’s fat anymore, even if he still is, and even though he was never that fat before anyway, and he never even wore those pants before either.)

So what are you waiting for? Make people think you’ve lost a lot of weight when you haven’t, with Weight Loss Perception Pants!

You don’t need to lose weight to seem thin anymore, just get Weight Loss Perception Pants!

With Weight Loss Perception Pants, perception is reality!