Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Credit Card Fraud Protection “Buy-O-Hazard” Ad (Proposed)

We see a person shopping online, and they find something they want to buy, but when they get to the webpage to make the purchase, and it asks them to enter their credit card information, they hesitate, fidget with the credit card in their hands, and ultimately demur, quitting their browser in frustration. Then the announcer says: “When you shop online, do you worry every purchase could be a ‘buy-o-hazard’, exposing your credit card information to hackers and identity thieves? With the credit fraud protection that comes with your (whichever brand of) credit card, you’ll never have to pay for a fraudulent charge, and we’ll always contact you whenever suspicious activity occurs. So go ahead, shop with confidence! With the (whatever) card, there’s no such thing as a ‘buy-o-hazard’.” Then we see the person take out their credit card again, log back online, and buy that thing they wanted. (And then some hacker steals their identity. Just kidding. Their computer gets hit with ransomware instead.)