Thursday, October 13, 2016

Republican Harry Potter Ad (Proposed)

(I know all my Democrat friends will be mad at me for this, but it’s not inaccurate.)

We see a montage of Hermione Granger (my favorite character) in the Harry Potter movie series, and the announcer says that Hermione is the Republican Party ideal: she was an outsider (a Muggle), but she worked hard, and by working hard, she beat everyone else for good grades, and after a life of hard work, she established herself as the best in her field. She worked her way up to the top. That’s the whole Republican Party message: Anyone, through hard work, can rise to the top.

(I’m sure J. K. Rowling would be mad at me for pointing this out, but Hermione Granger is the perfect embodiment of the Republican Party message. Oh, and I’m not a Republican; I’m just an Independent who understands their message.)