Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Sandwich Katherine Timpf Ad (Joke/Proposed)

Kat Timpf is a right-wing firebrand, and while most people I know hate her, I actually love her. She makes good arguments that are well thought out, and I respect that. It’s no coincidence that she works for the National Review (William F. Buckley’s conservative rag): because she’s smart, and she can make a good argument.

But Katherine Timpf has said repeatedly that she gets bullied on Twitter for being too skinny by people saying: “Eat a sandwich!”

Wow, what an advertising bonanza this could be to some red state sandwich shop! Just have her say that she was waiting for a sandwich good enough for her, and now she’s finally found it! Then we see her eating it.

(This is an ad blog, btw, so spare me your fucking body image shit. I think she’s great just as she is, but she makes a point of saying on TV that people on Twitter bully her about her weight by telling her to: “Eat a sandwich.” So this is an ad idea based upon that alone. Any other meaning you are reading into it is your own issue. And, sorry, libs, but I love her too: one of my favorite people on TV. And I still miss JoNo, dammit!)