Monday, October 24, 2016

Rubbermaid Halloween Ad (Joke/Proposed)

We see the scene in Frankenstein where Fritz drops the brain in the glass jar and it shatters on the floor, and the announcer chimes in, saying Rubbermaid Tupperware containers are easy to grip, but if you drop them, they won’t break, crack or spill. Then we cut to a scene of the Frankenstein monster, and he’s intelligent and civil, because Fritz didn’t ruin the brain by dropping a glass container.

This would also work for the scene in The Curse of Frankenstein where Victor Frankenstein and Paul, his assistant, fight over the brain in a glass container and it smashes against the wall. Then we would cut to show them fighting over the brain, but it’s fine anyway, protected by a trusty Rubbermaid Tupperware container.

And the announcer could say more mad scientists trust Rubbermaid than any other brand to protect and carry their specimens. And we’d see a laboratory with stacks of Rubbermaid Tupperware containers full of things like brains and eyeballs and such.