Monday, April 10, 2017

Bank Check Deposit “Cash Me Outside” Ad (Joke/Proposed)

A woman receives a check for services rendered (either her salary or maybe she sold something), and she takes the check to the bank to deposit, but the check says to her: “Yo, cash me outside.” The woman appears puzzled and stops for a second to consider whether she heard her speck speak to her or not, and then she laughs to herself and starts to walk into the bank, and the check repeats: “Yo, cash me outside!” So the woman looks at her check, and it says: “I said: ‘Cash me outside’.” So the woman turns around and decides to go to the park. And once in the park, she takes out her smartphone and deposits the check by snapping a picture of it and sending it to the bank via her mobile banking app.

(I think this is kind of fun, if silly and perhaps a bit annoying in tone, but the problem is that the check is saying: “Cash me outside” as opposed to: “Deposit me from outdoors”. But hopefully viewers would just go along with it anyway.)