Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Dentek Nutcracker Ad

If you read this blog, then you know my rules for advertising, which are to communicate why anyone would want the product, in a fun or memorable way, and if possible why they should buy the advertised brand versus another brand. Most advertising is not successful on one or the other. But this one is a prime example of the first part: to communicate why someone might want to buy the product.

This spot shows a nutcracker in bed, trying to sleep, but the tooth grinding makes it impossible.

Perfect. It gives you an unforgettable image of why you might need a mouth guard in one image. It’s so succinct, it would make an equally good print ad. I hope they’re doing it as a print ad too.

The only thing it doesn’t do (which most ads, even my own, don’t do) is to show us (or explain) why we should buy this particular brand versus another one. But like I said, almost no ads do that ever anyway, so it’s hardly to its detriment.

Here’s the tooth-grinding commercial:

(I thought maybe the nutcracker guy in this ad couldn’t sleep because he was worried Mr. Peanut would break into his home and get revenge for when he bit Mr. Peanut before.)

(BTW: My rules for advertising are as follows: Show in a simple & funny/memorable manner why someone would want the product, and if possible, why they should buy this brand as opposed to another brand. It's amazing how many ads do not adhere to either of these scenarios.)