Monday, April 10, 2017

Deodorant Nature’s Noses Ad Campaign

Deodorant “The Hills Have Noses” Ad (Joke/Proposed)

(Prior to the action we see the title of a movie appear onscreen: “The Hills Have Noses”.) Someone with bad body odor goes jogging along a path through a field that has rolling hills visible in the background. As the jogger jogs across the field, the hills make a sound indicating that they smell something awful, and each hill grows a pair of legs, stands up (with each hill shape standing up on a pair of skinny legs), and runs away into the distance, with the hills disappearing over the horizon. Then the jogger, having heard the yucky sound interjection and surmised it came from the hills, sees the hills get up and run away, and he/she surmises it is his/her body odor that is at issue here, and he/she leans his/her head over and smells his/her armpit and is so offended by the smell that his/her head jerks back involuntarily in disgust. Then the announcer chimes in, saying: “Does your body odor have the hills running for the hills? Don’t harm the environment, use (brand of deodorant)!”

Deodorant “Moving Mountains” Ad (Joke/Proposed)

In this continuing deodorant campaign spot we see a mountain climber begin to scale to rock face, and when he/she lifts his/her arms to climb, the mountain he/she is trying to climb smells the underarm odor and gets up and runs away from the mountain climber, followed by the surrounding mountains growing legs and running away. The mountain climber is left feeling disbelief and humiliation at this turn of events, and curious as to its cause, he/she leans his/her head down to sniff his/her armpit, and the aroma causes him/her to reflexively gag and then to faint. Then the announcer chimes is, saying: “Don’t give the (idiom of the) ability to move mountains a bad name! Use (brand of deodorant)!”

Deodorant “Flowing Upstream” Ad (Joke/Proposed)

A person is hiking through the countryside when they happen upon a stream or a small river, and upon seeing this, the hiker extends his/her arms out and says to himself/herself: “Wow, what a lovely location!” But with his/her arms outstretched in this manner his/her armpits are exposed, and the awful body odor is unleashed upon an unsuspecting world, causing the river water, which was flowing toward the person hiking, to reverse its flow and move upstream, away from our malodorous hero/heroine. And the water flows back upstream until there is no water left and our nature lover stands before a dry riverbed. Then the announcer says: “Does your body odor drive even flowing water away? Don’t pollute the nice country air, use (brand of deodorant)!”

Then, as a tag, we see the person who was hiking arrive at their home and go to take a shower, but when he/she steps into the shower, the shower water stream bends to avoid contact with him/her, flowing around his/her body to avoid contact and flowing directly into the drain below.

(This campaign would also work just as well for a mouthwash: Simply have the person out in the great outdoors take a deep breath and then exhale, and that causes the hills to run away, the mountain to faint and surrounding mountains to run away, and the river/stream to flow the upstream in opposite direction of the breath.)