Monday, April 10, 2017

Cat Treats Sylvester Ads (Joke/Proposed)

In Warner Brothers cartoons, we see Sylvester the Cat doing all kind of crazy stunts to try to get to Tweety Bird. So in this spot for a brand of cat treats, we’d see clips like the ones from Sylvester’s Warner Brothers cartoons where Sylvester tries all kind of hazardous things to get to a bag of treats, and each time Granny catches him and stops him, saying: “Shame on you, Sylvester! You know you’re not supposed to have so many treats!” And then, eventually, Granny feels sorry for Sylvester and gives him some more treats, saying: “Okay, okay, you can have some more treats. I see you working so hard to get them, so I think you’ve earned them.”

In a further spot in this ad campaign, we see a joke version of the Sylvester cartoon: “Birds Anonymous”, only this time it’s “Treats Anonymous”, showing a group of cats who meet regularly to help curb their appetite for cat treats. But as hard as they try, they can’t help themselves. And as a tag, we see a truck carrying cat treats drive by, with the cat treats logo showing just over the fence that is the backdrop for the “Treats Anonymous” meeting, and all the cats immediately begin chasing after the truck like a pack of dogs.