Monday, April 10, 2017

The Philly Buster Sandwich

(Republicans killed the filibuster for Supreme Court nominees last week, just like the Democrats killed the filibuster for cabinet appointments during President Obama’s presidency, and that made me think about how any ad for the filibuster would probably say: “For a limited time only. Get it while it lasts!” And an ad featuring that kind of limited time offer is generally an advertisement for fast food, so I decided to make the ad for the silly fake sandwich: “The Philly Buster Sandwich”. Sorry if this is too dumb of a joke for many of you. I couldn’t resist.)

When you’re hungry for stopping a nominee from being confirmed, there’s nothing to sate your appetite like the Philly Buster Sandwich!

Chock full of freshly diced garlic and three different kinds of onions, it’ll give you the kind of breath that would make almost anyone withdraw their nomination! And it’s packed so full of extra marbled beef and pork, you’ll be able to chew the fat all day long! In fact, it’s so remarkable, you’ll want to talk about it for hours and hours! Finally there’s a sandwich good enough to interrupt what you’re doing and tell everyone all about it for as long as you have the strength to keep talking! And the Philly Buster has so much protein and nutrition that you’ll have the strength to go on and on and on, virtually indefinitely!

That’s the Philly Buster Sandwich: For a limited time: Enjoy yours before it’s gone!

Show good judgment and order the Philly Buster Sandwich Supreme! All rise and get off the bench when you serve up the Philly Buster Supreme with your rivals for lunch! It’s the special version of the sandwich designed to be eaten standing up. Prepared piping hot, and so fast, with no waiting, customers won’t even have a chance to sit on the bench!