Monday, April 10, 2017

Dr. Scholl’s “Little Bit O Soul” Ad (Proposed)

This proposed (that is to say, “spec”) spot for Dr. Scholl’s comfort shoe inserts would use the classic song: “Little Bit O’ Soul” (by John Carter and Ken Lewis), but with altered lyrics to sing about how Dr. Scholl’s help aching feet feel better, like so:

Now when you’re feeling low ‘cause your shoes feel tight,
You need a pair o’ Dr. Scholl’s to put you right.
You feet are making you want to kneel and pray,
You need a pair o’ Dr. Scholl’s to come your way.

Now when your girl’s shoes are on, feet broke in two,
You need a pair o’ Dr. Scholl’s to see you through.
And when you raise the roof when in pain you bawl,
You’ll get a lot of relief with a pair o’ Dr. Scholl’s.

And when your party fails ‘cause your feet are hurtin’,
A pair o’ Dr. Scholl’s and for foot pain it’s curtains, yeah.

And when foot’s a mess and you feel like cryin’,
Just remember these Dr. Scholl’s of mine,
And as you walk through life on a pair of shoe’s soles, (on uncomfortable soles?)
Just remember that your feet need a pair o’ Dr. Scholl’s.

A pair o’ Dr. Scholl’s, yeah (A pair o’ Dr. Scholl’s).

(And as we hear this new version of the song singing about Dr. Scholl’s inserts for shoes, we’d see different people (one per pair of lyric lines) acting out what the lyrics sing about.)