Sunday, December 18, 2016

Assassin’s Screed

Assassin’s Screed is the exciting new video game where players fill out an application to become an assassin, for which they must write a long-form essay, or screed, explaining why they’re so angry at the world, and why they want to kill people for a living, as well as listing off and explaining in detail any special skills they possess to help them stalk and kill targets successfully.

Players must be up on their writing skills and vocabulary to score big on this exciting new type of video game!

And if accepted to become an assassin, each exciting new level contains an application to assassinate a list of targets, including another screed for why they hate this target and why they would be the appropriate assassin to carry out this task.

No one has ever scored high enough on their essays to get to assassinate anyone yet in this action-filled game of death, but surely soon someone, maybe even you, will get to that level when you play the most exciting assassination video game ever played: Assassin’s Screed: coming soon to X-Box and PlayStation!