Sunday, December 18, 2016

CA Lottery Holiday Scratchers Ad

In this spot we see a Secret Santa (or just someone giving gifts to office mates) leaving pennies wrapped in little red ribbons on people’s desks and computers and such, and then when they go out to their cars, they find Lottery Scratchers on their windshields underneath their windshield wipers.

Hmm, I’m surprised everyone in the parking lot didn’t just reflexively throw out what was under their windshield wipers like everyone always does, unless it's a holiday parking ticket.

I really like the idea of the penny wrapped in a little red bow though. But couldn't the gift giver have made it at least a silver dollar for when they don't win anything on the Scratchers?

And the ad ends saying: “Give the gift of holiday Scratchers.”

I would have thought maybe a better slogan would have been: “Give the gift of a gambling addiction.” Another answer to the age old question: “What do you give someone who has everything?” Well, if you’re jealous that they have everything and you don’t, and you’d like to see them lose a lot of their stuff, then giving the gift of a gambling addiction would make the perfect holiday gift… for yourself.

Here’s the gift gamble (Sorry, I could only find it here in small form due to all these annoying new ad websites that want to gouge us to see the ads online and get previously public information on who did the spots. I guess now you have to spend money to get even more advertising in your life.):

Hmm, I wonder why we never see anyone lose in these Lottery ads?