Sunday, December 11, 2016

Hanes Smellfie Ad

Hmm, why does the idea of "Smellfies" seem so familiar to me? Oh, I remember now: It's because I did a spec Old Spice ad in February 2014 using the idea of Smellfies.

Isn't that amazing? Yet another big national ad concept I did on this blog that has been repurposed and ended up on TV afterwards! And still they don't offer me a job! Does this seem fair to anyone?

It's true that the Hanes ad's conception of what a Smellfie is is different from mine. Theirs is when someone gets caught smelling themselves, and mine was specified as a scratch and sniff selfie picture. I think mine makes a lot more sense then theirs, but I suppose a taking a picture of yourself is a selfie, so maybe smelling yourself is a smellfie? I don't think it works as well as mine, but it is different; however I think people will remember the term Smellfie and not so much the meaning, and like with the Viagra in the car Fiat ad that uses the same concept I did before them in a spec ad for Viagra, the Smellfie will likely be honored as fun and brilliant, and nobody will notice that I did it earlier, and I will get nothing out of it. It's definitely a different take on the idea of what a Smellfie is, but to me that's like another company coming out with a new product called Cheez Its: someone else has already done it. Is it fair to take the name and redefine it without giving credit to the earlier one? I don't think so.

Here's the ad (It's different, but I did the Smellfie thing first!):

And here's my post from February 2014, almost 3 years ago:

So how long are my ideas going to be repurposed before I get offered a job?