Thursday, December 22, 2016

Volkswagen Golf Alltrack Ad Campaign

This campaign include the “Mountain Bike” and “Snowboard” spots, where we see a subjective camera shot of someone going somewhere either through a mountain bike’s handlebars, or with a snowboard visible at the bottom of the frame, so it looks like we’re riding one of these things, and then, after a cut, we see the Volkswagen Golf Alltrack with the bike or the snowboard on the roof rack, and it’s clear we’ve been riding in the VW instead. It’s fun to have this sleight of hand with regard to our expectations visually, along with the suggestion that it’s as much fun to drive the VW as it is to ride what it’s carrying on top.

VW should make follow-up ads where we see the bike handlebars or the snowboard when the rider is stuck in rush hour gridlock and see how much fun it seems then. (Just kidding.)

Here are the Alltrack ads: