Sunday, December 18, 2016

Apple Frankie’s Holiday Ad

I like this fun, heartwarming Frankenstein-themed Christmas ad. It reminds me a bit of The Ghost of Frankenstein with the villagers and the little girl who makes friends with the monster. It’s a nice message of tolerance.

Maybe they should have another Frankenstein-themed ad about tolerance where they show what happens when people fail to be tolerant, and they attack the monster with torches and pitchforks, and the monster destroys the village.

And speaking of destroying the village, it’s lucky for the local townspeople Frankenstein doesn’t feel like the Grinch or a soldier in the War on Christmas, huh? (Raa! Humbug!)

I have done a lot of Frankenstein-themed ads on this here blog of mine over the past few years, even a Christmas Frankenstein ad, and it’s always nice to see another one.

Here’s the Christmas creature commercial:

Here’s my Christmas Frankenstein ad, from 2011 (in the second paragraph):