Monday, December 19, 2016

Privilege Man (The Super Villain, and Possible Credit Card Rewards Program Ad Mascot)

Check your privilege, it’s Privilege Man, the super villain!

Yes, check your privilege to make sure you still have any, because Privilege Man has the power to steal away everyone’s privilege!

That’s right: It’s not enough that he already has male privilege, and white privilege, and superpower privilege, and bad boy privilege… He wants all privilege, and he can get it too, to be the most privileged person ever!

No one can defeat his super-powered privilege, allowing him to get upgraded at every flight, get into every nightclub, get backstage access at every sold-out concert, priority status on every deal, the best rates on every mortgage: everything your heart desires and cannot have is his for the taking!

Actually, this would make a pretty good advertising mascot character for one of those credit card rewards program ad campaigns, huh? So long as they didn’t mind making liberals mad at them for glorifying privilege. (Privilege forbid!) But in that case, he’d be a superhero of privilege to his friends and family, and a super villain to everyone else who doesn’t have that card’s rewards program (and to the competing credit card companies).