Sunday, December 18, 2016

NFL Super Bowl 50 Baby Shower Ad

Awwww, cute. It’s hard to beat babies for cuteness in ads (and furry animals too).

But seeing as how it’s an ad for NFL football, I’m surprised the players don’t throw them and punt them like footballs. They could totally do it in CGI if they wanted to. But then everyone would want to kill them, even if they made it look like the babies were having fun, and giggled when they got punted and caught, and even though it would all be faked.

People thought it was funny in the old SNL “Stunt Baby” sketch, but maybe we’ve grown more sensitive lately. (Maybe?)

Here’s the football family fare:

Gee, I wonder how long before we have a Baby Bowl during the Super Bowl on the Baby Channel or whatever? Oh, right: James Corden already did that on his show: