Sunday, December 18, 2016

Bud Light Stock Up Ad

In this fun Bud Light football-related ad, we see some guy in slow motion grab a case of Bud Light in cans (Or is it a 12-pack?) and run with it like a football towards the checkout counter.

But I think they should have shown us what happens next as he barrels into other shoppers in the checkout line as if they’re defensive players trying to keep him out of the end zone, pushes his way past the clerk, and then he spikes the pack of Bud Light cans into the floor, causing the cans to dent open and spray all over the store.

And then the tag shows him being led away by cops in referee shirts.

Now, wouldn’t they be even more fun?

Sorry, I can’t seem to find this ad online anywhere, and the Bud Light website for their ads requires us to enter our birthdate to enter the website… to watch commercials everyone can see on TV regardless of age! Well, that’s absolutely stupid, so I refuse to do it. But maybe you could see it there if you’re willing to do it. (You’d think I could use a fake one that shows I’m over 21, but that never works for me, like they know my birthdate already and they’re just punking me. What if I were someone else using my machine? How does it know I put in the wrong birthdate anyway? The whole thing seems ridiculous to me.)