Friday, December 23, 2016

We Three Kings Anti-E-Cigarettes Christmas PSA (Joke/Proposed)

People my age all ought to remember the Christmas song joke:

We three kings from orient are,
Lighting up our big cigar,
It was loaded, it exploded,
(I can’t remember the last line.)

So for this proposed Christmas ad against e-cigarettes, which are known to explode in people’s faces routinely at this point, we hear people sing:

“We three kings of orient are,
Turning on our e-cigarette,
It was loaded, it exploded…

“Hey, wait! That was supposed to be about a joke shop cigar! But e-cigs explode way more often than any joke shop cigar ever did, so protect yourself and don’t use them!”

(BTW: This was inspired by yet another news story tonight of another guy hospitalized when his e-cigarette exploded on him.)