Thursday, December 22, 2016

Volkswagen Golf Alltrack Salmon Ad

This spot shows a couple going to the great outdoors as we he a song sing about how happy everything is, and then they see an eagle swoop out of the sky and brutally murder an innocent salmon, showing them the truly harsh, dog-eat-dog nature of nature. And then the announcer says the Volkswagen Golf Alltrack is soon to be everywhere. And the animals say: “Soon to be everywhere? Volkswagen? That’s the car company that cheated on emissions standards! Get ‘em!” And all the animals team up to attack the couple for driving a Volkswagen for the company’s pollution scandal, and bears and wolves emerge from the forest, eagles and hawks swoop down from the skies, and the fish all dump out of the water to kill the couple in revenge for them buying a Volkswagen, and then the animals all push the car into the water so nobody can ever drive it again.

Just kidding: that last part doesn’t happen in the ad; but apparently it always happens to everyone who drives a Volkswagen into the forest in real life. Or so I hear from other car companies…

Here’s the salmony spot: