Sunday, December 11, 2016

iPhone 7 Romeo & Juliet Ad

This is probably the best ad I have seen yet this holiday season that doesn't seem to borrow heavily from my own work on this blog. It's actually really fun, and really emotional too.

What it does seems simple enough: it gives us the balcony scene (or at least part of it) from Romeo and Juliet, but with kids playing the parts. And once we realize it's kids, we quickly realize it's a school play. And then, the love we see between the characters gets shifted to their at this point unseen parents, and once we get that, we cut to the parents in the audience filming the play on an iPhone 7. And it all wraps up perfectly.

Anyone who has kids will know this drill of filming their kids in their school plays. Heck, even someone like me who never got to get married and have kids can understand that feeling. And that's what makes this ad so great.

Here's this great ad for the iPhone 7:

This ad really makes me tear up. And when an ad, AN AD, can make that happen, then it's truly great, and it will be remembered by the target demographic that sees it.