Saturday, December 17, 2016

Nexium 24-Hour Burrito Ad

This ad for Nexium 24-Hour where we see some guy in bed wrapped in a burrito, with a pillow made of nachos, and with a Mexican Mariachi band playing around him is really fun and funny, but it also makes the point of what the product does and why you might need it: the perfect advertising strategy in my opinion.

But I must admit, the strategy is very similar to the Tums ad campaign where people’s food comes back to attack them. (Maybe the same agency did both.)

I would have been afraid to make this ad, because I would assume everyone would be offended and say it’s racist and cultural appropriation, etc. But I think it’s great, and I hope it doesn’t get the Little Caesar Vegetarian Society boot off the air because people are offended; but I wouldn’t be surprised if it did.

Here’s the bedroom burrito bit:

There’s an example of the Tums ad campaign of food returning to bother someone:

And here’s the old Little Caesar’s banned “Meatsa Meatsa” Vegetarian Society ad that I love so much: