Thursday, November 10, 2016

Animus (The Super Villain)

Lock your ears and eyes closed, it’s Animus, the super villain!

Her super power is to make everyone hate each other!

Her secret identity of mild mannered hate speech spouting TV partisan pundit Anna Mosity permits her to spew venom of a divisive nature on a popular cable news channel, allowing her to sow the seeds of hostility and rage in everyone who hears her infectious words, inspiring acts of violence in citizens against one another based on partisan differences throughout this great country. Plus, she has psychic control over all political pundits and biased news propagandists, allowing her to soak the airwaves and even public forums with detestable animosity based on politics. And she feeds off of the anger and loathing, becoming more and more powerful with each and every person she brainwashes and inspires to perpetrate acts of bigotry, hostility and violence.

Her nemesis is the superhero, um, er… Oh, who am I kidding? Obviously the superhero who is supposed to save us from her wrath and evil machinations has gotten lost or died or something, so she is becoming all-powerful. The only thing that can defeat her is caring and understanding and tolerance and stuff like that, and it seem like we’re just fresh out of that right about now, so I guess she’ll conquer the world unopposed. Oh well.