Saturday, November 5, 2016

KISS Car Company Slogan?

In watching the Alabama-LSU game, I heard someone playing KISS’s famous song: “Rock & Roll All Nite” in the stadium, and hearing the line: “You drive us wild, we’ll drive you crazy!” again made me think that might be a fun slogan for a car company. Then we could see meek- or straight-laced-looking people test-driving a company’s muscle cars, like, say, Dodge Chargers and Challengers, or Chevy Corvettes and Camaros, and once they get to driving the car on the road, they all drive like in The Dukes of Hazzard or a Bond film car chase.

And for the: “You drive us wild” part, we see enthusiastic muscle car enthusiasts raving about how great American muscle cars are, and the R&D guys for the car company, in their white lab coats, get crazy Einstein/Back to the Future hair as a result of this infectious enthusiasm, and then they go back to their lab and wildly and maniacally design the new model of the car, wilder than ever before, to drive customers crazier than ever before.

I know this sort of thing might be discouraged in general by safe driving advocates, or by general decorum, but I think it would be a fun fantasy scenario for selling high-performance cars.

And while we’d hear the whole chorus of the KISS song, as well as the run-up to it (“You drive us wild, we’ll drive you crazy! You keep on shouting, you keep on shouting: I wanna rock and roll all night, and party every day! I wanna rock and roll all night, and party every day! I wanna rock and roll all night, and party every day!”), the actual slogan for the car company, or at least for its muscle car division, would be: “We’ll drive you crazy!”

This is KISS performing their hit: “Rock & Roll All Nite”:

(I used to joke in high school that the words were: “You drive us wild, we’ll drive you home afterwards.”)