Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Balsamic Reduction “Balsamic Reducer” Punk Song Ad (Proposed)

The Dead Boys, a 1970s punk rock band from NYC’s best known song is called: “Sonic Reducer”. And so I thought maybe it would be fun to have a punk rock mascot for some brand of balsamic reduction called the: “Balsamic Reducer”.

We could see a dinner party of some young adults, and one guy brings a salad, but without an obvious salad dressing. So his friends call him a loser, and he snaps his fingers and sings: “I’ve got Balsamic Reducer, ain’t no loser!” And the character of the punk rock mascot the Balsamic Reducer shows up and puts the balsamic reduction on all of their salads, to which they say things like: “Radical!” and: “Righteous!” And one of the women says: “Dude, that is so punk rock of you to think of this!” And they all love it, and we hear the altered chorus of the Dead Boys song: “Sonic Reducer” sing: “Balsamic Reducer, ain’t no loser! Balsamic Reducer, it tastes juicier!”

Here’s the song: “Sonic Reducer” by the Dead Boys: