Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Electoral College Flunks Out Again!

This is yet another example of a shady college benefitting Donald Trump!

Yes, folks, the Electoral College has failed us again. Reportedly Hillary Clinton won the popular vote but lost the Electoral College in yesterday’s election.

Is this system really what’s best for America? Everyone is happy with it when their side wins, but is it really what’s best for all Americans?

I think maybe it’s time for this “college” to lose its accreditation.

(Trevor Noah used my joke from the top sentence in this post the night after I wrote it. I also tweeted this joke the morning I posted it here. It happens a lot that I see jokes I wrote on TV after I post them on here. Why don't they hire me to write for TV shows?)

And look at this: a big Huffington Post article headlined with my joke (People loved that joke on The Daily Show, and I wrote it and posted it before them, but still nobody will even look at my writing when I submit it to TV shows, saying they will not review unsolicited material. I consistently beat my favorite TV shows to big jokes, but how do I get my writing solicited? I hate having to point out when I wrote things before them.):