Friday, November 4, 2016

No-Home-Improvement November

My sister lives in a nice neighborhood south of Century City in Los Angeles. I love it over there, with a caveat: it can be loud during the day there because so many homes are constantly being renovated, restored, rebuilt, etc., so there’s the constant din of power tools, the banging of hammers and jackhammers, the rumble of trucks, and the thunder of enormous dumpsters being filled with broken boulders of cement and such, and then emptied into grinding, booming and loudly beeping behemoth trash trucks. And there are multiple houses within easy eyesore earshot being torn down and built back up continually all the time without a moment’s reprieve. Ugh!

So I thought maybe, just to give everyone in the neighborhood a break for a while, just temporarily, there could be a month where everyone would have to stop speculating and flipping and demolishing and constructing houses by law. You can order home improvement supplies, but you can’t have them delivered until the next month. It could be November, because it’s the one month that starts with the letters spelling: “No”. And so: “No-Home-Improvement November”, or simply: “No-vember”.