Sunday, November 27, 2016

Apple’s New Sluri: Siri for Drunk People

Ever tried to ask Siri a question, but she couldn’t understand you because you were too drunk to speak properly? Well, then your problems are now solved with Sluri: Apple’s new Siri for drunk people.

How did Apple crack the code to drunk speak for Artificial Intelligence? Why, they forced all their coders to become alcoholics and figure out how to make Sluri understand them, that’s how!

Lock a bunch of super smart people into a room with enough of the world’s best beer, wine, and spirits, and you’d be amazed at what can happen! Not only did the coders crack the drunk code, they also did other fun stuff, like play quarters!

So they next time you’re too drunk to talk to Siri, download her drunk pal Sluri, and you’ll score every time! Not only does she understand you, she slurs too so you can understand her as well!

(Not available on Microsoft devices: Sorry they’ll have to have their own drunk lock-in lab!)