Monday, November 14, 2016

Diet Coke Hamilton King George Ad (Joke/Proposed)

(I’m not 100% certain about all the lyrics here yet, but I am sure that if Diet Coke just did the chorus part as an ad, it would be fun, and probably big.)

You say, the price of a diet’s not a price that you’re willing to pay,
You cry, in your drink which you hurl in the sink when you see us go by,

Why so sad? Remember sugar’s not the only way to sweeten your day,
Now you’re turning your back. Remember despite your apprehensions we’re your brand,

You’ll be back. Soon you’ll see, you’ll remember oh the taste so sweet,
You’ll be back. Time will tell, you’ll remember cola tasted swell,

Sodas rise, big brands fall, at this point we’ve really seen it all,

And when push comes to shove,
We will send a zero calorie option to remind you of our love,

Da da da da dah, da da da Diet Coke,
Da da da da Di-iet Coke,

Da da da da dah, da da da Diet Coke,
Da da da da Di-iet Coke,

You see the glass is draining and you can’t go on,
You’ll be the one complaining when the drink is gone.

No, don’t change the subject,
‘Cause Coke’s your favorite soft drink,

Your sweet, delicious soft drink,
Our royal, loyal soft drink,

Forever, and ever, and ever and ever and ever…

(Actually, I probably shouldn’t have bothered to do this much of the song, but I enjoy trying even though song lyrics really don’t always want to co-operate. For my probably best ever joke song, lyrics and meter and rhyme wise, please see the attached link at the bottom of this post for my song about the 2013 EU horsemeat scandal to the tune of the Mister Ed TV show theme song.)