Friday, November 11, 2016


Look out America, it’s the new superhero that will rock all of our worlds: it’s Ironyman! (Or is he a super villain? Actually, we’re not sure yet. He’s really more of a neutral super-powered character like the Watcher, actually. Only Ironyman does not sit idly by and just observe; no, Ironyman takes an active roll in world events for his own amusement.)

Yes, his superpower is to make ironic things occur, like a Trump victory after all the polls said Hillary would win for sure, and left-wing pundits predicting the right would not accept a Hillary victory and then the streets filled with protesters unwilling to accept a Trump victory when it happened instead.

Also, he made sure the hero of transparency (and former hero of the left) Julian Assange of WikiLeaks would use his organization to take down the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in favor of the unpredictable and bullying Donald Trump.

And he was the force behind Edward Snowden fleeing to repressive Russia after criticizing the surveillance and international intelligence activities of the United States.

Yes, look out America, your fate is now controlled by a new kind of superhero: Ironyman!