Friday, November 18, 2016

Demagogue Demigods

Yes, it’s the Mount Olympus for political propagandists, it’s Washington, D.C.! And who do you find atop the Mount Olympus of political propagandists, worshipped by cynical partisan everywhere? Why, the Demagogue Demigods, that’s who! (Or the Demigods of Demagogy, if you prefer.)

Go ahead: sacrifice your integrity to the Demigods of Demagogy, and maybe you too can indoctrinate the masses with dishonest propaganda and hyperpartisan hyperbole, pitting everyone against one another and at each other’s throats: Yea!

And don’t forget: the Demagogue Demigods are also the despots of double standards, heroes of hate speech and hubris, and demons of divisiveness. Worship them if you really hate your political opponents with a manic myopia that dismisses the damage of despicable divisiveness across the country like a plague (a plague of partisanship, if you will). And while everyone is busy loving the hating of anyone who disagrees with them on anything, our once great nation will spiral into an uncontrollable descent into the maelstrom of malignity and maliciousness; a vortex of viciousness, vindictiveness and vile venom of prejudiced hatred: you know, the thing we’re always accusing everyone else of being guilty of while we never bother to look at ourselves in the mirror to see ourselves with the guilt of same written all over our own contorted, conniving countenances.

What these hate-mongers of hyperpartisanship do to we the unsuspecting public is exactly the same thing that Ball does to everyone in the Starz series Ash vs. Evil Dead: manipulate us like Silly Putty into the bitterness of bigotry and prejudiced hatred aimed at our fellow countrymen we don’t even know and have never even met. And we all seem so smugly satisfied and superior, knowing we’re better than those hicks or snobs, rednecks or limousine liberals: whichever one we’re not, we’re definitely better than them, even if we’ve never even met any of them ever before. Because after all, that’s what prejudiced hatred is all about: judgmentally hating people we’ve never met over assumed perceived personality flaws that make them subhuman in our eyes, merely for being whichever: Democrats or Republicans; liberals or conservatives. They must be worse than Hitler because after all, they disagree with us on politics; and we cannot tolerate anyone holding differing views than us on politics, because after all, aren’t we perfect and always right? So that proves right there that everyone on the “other” side of the aisle is an evil jerk who has earned and deserves our hatred, and that they’re doing it on purpose just to be disagreeable (otherwise they would agree with us to begin with, which would prove they’re good people, and better than all those other people who don’t hold beliefs in common with us).

So worship all you want at the Temple of Intolerance, leaving lavish sacrifices to the Demagogue Demigods! Sacrifice things like tolerance, civility, understanding, respect, people, love, freedom of speech, and America itself. Sacrifice all of these things because they’re not really important; the only thing that matters is that we are always right and everyone else is always wrong, and that they deserve out everlasting loathing and hostility.

Wow, ain’t it great to hate? (I actually don’t think so, but apparently a lot of other people do think so, and shame on them all. And sorry for the very pointed tone here, but this sort of thing really upsets and depresses me.)