Friday, November 11, 2016

Marmalade Charles Krauthammer Obama Legacy Is Toast Joke Ad

Charles Krauthammer said on Megan Kelly’s show: “President Obama’s legacy is toast.” And in a joke ad for marmalade (or jam or apple butter), we could see that clip, we’d cut to a shot of a fresh piece of toast popping out of a toaster and being taken out and put on a plate, and as we’d see someone’s hands putting butter and then spreading marmalade on the piece of toast, the announcer would chime in, saying: “If it’s toast, don’t forget to put (whatever brand of) marmalade on it! Cover up that taste of dry disappointment with (whatever brand of) marmalade! It even makes the bitterest toast absolutely delicious!”

Here’s a clip from YouYube (The quote is at 5:47):