Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Best Buy LG TV Sloth Ad

This ad for Best Buy might actually lose points for being too honest about the effects of this product on the purchaser. And that is a rare thing indeed in advertising!

In this spot, we see a young man watching a nature program about a sloth, and he begins to act like a sloth himself. His wife/girlfriend walks into the room, sees him, and is apparently disgusted. Way to make the product look good, guys!

When we see this ad, the message it sends is loud and clear: buy a TV like this beautiful LG digital TV, and you’ll turn into a sloth watching it. You’ll just park yourself in front of it, and the hours, days, months and years will just fly by as you become a human sloth.

Well, we can’t fault them for their honesty, at least. Not sure how well this strategy will sell television sets though. People might just see this commercial and say (either to themselves or their family): “Well, that’s why I/we shouldn’t get it: it will make me/us lazy and unproductive!

Here’s the slothy spot:

(I have no idea why this spot seems to only be available on the website this link goes to. No YouTube, no iSpot: strange. I would much prefer iSpot or YouTube to link to, and you’d think every ad would be on both of those sites just so the greatest number of people possible could see it.)