Thursday, August 25, 2016

Cat Treats Queen Ad (Proposed)

In this proposed ad for a brand of cat treats, we see a cat playing in various circumstances while we hear the chorus from the song: "Killer Queen" by Queen play, but with altered lyrics, like so:

She's a kitten, (We see a cute kitten walking up to its owner)
Cute softness, agility, (We see the owner pat the cat, then we cut to the cat walking on a thin windowsill)
Dynamite with a laser beam, (We see the cat chasing a laser pointer)
Guaranteed to blow your mind, (The cat jumps up into its owner's lap and nuzzles their nose)
Every time!

Then the cat's owner gives it some cat treats, and the announcer says: "She blows your mind, so give her something that will blow her mind too: (whatever brand of) cat treats!"

Here's "Killer Queen" by Queen (The part starting at about 0:28 is what I'm referring to):

(I take care of my sister's cats sometimes, and I always find myself singing songs with new cat-related lyrics to them, like the above altered song. Cats don't seem to understand singing, though.)

Also: Obviously the Dynamite with a Laser Beam line with a cat chasing a laser pointer would be the kicker here. I guarantee you everyone would laugh at that. If you doubt me, try it at home with a cell phone camera and that quote from the song. That will prove it.