Sunday, August 7, 2016

NBC Commentators Wrong Again

“In that Olympic Games (2012), in London, Gabby Douglas roared to a gold medal that nobody could foresee right before the Olympic Games started.”

Actually, Gabby Douglas won the Olympic Trials in 2012, and seeing as how the USA Women’s Gymnastics Team was #1 in the world, I saw it coming.

If they didn’t see it coming at NBC, maybe they should go get glasses.

True, Gabby didn’t train with the other world-class gymnasts before, but after the Olympic Trials of 2012, it was more than obvious she was the one to beat, and no surprise that she won. It was the most meteoric rise I have ever seen of an American female gymnast from almost unknown to best in the world.

Gabby is amazing, and what an inspiration she’s been to girls in America.

(But she still didn’t really earn her spot on the 2016 team… Should have been MyKayla Skinner, who came in fourth in both Olympic trials. 5-person team, number 4 should be on it. So should number 5. Number 5 would be Ragan Smith.)

Doubt me about Gabby winning the Olympic Trials in 2012? Check this out (Maybe NBC commentators should read it too):

It never ceases to amaze me how dishonest or incompetent our TV experts are. I know more than the NBC Olympic commentators? It’s positively silly.

Maybe they can say what our government officials say when they’re caught in a lie: “I misspoke.”

(No, it wasn't Nastia Liukin who said that. It was a man. Nastia knows her stuff, and I'm a big fan of hers.)