Wednesday, August 3, 2016

President Obama’s Ironic RNC Trump Statements

According to MSNBC, President Obama said the following regarding Trump’s nomination for the Republican Party:

“What does this say about your party that this is your standard bearer?”

It absolutely says bad things about the Republican Party that Trump is their standard bearer, that’s true.

But what does it say about the Democratic Party that Hillary Clinton is their standard bearer? The Democratic Party has so many potentially good candidates for president, and they picked the absolute worst one of all of them. And the party committee itself favored her as well and tried to rig the primary for her. That does not reflect well at all on the Democratic Party.

Also, what does it say about the Democratic Party that its top four party leaders (Chairwoman, CEO, CFO & Communications Director) have had to resign in disgrace due to a corruption scandal? Certainly nothing good. I have never seen such wrongdoing in a political party’s leadership in my whole life. Corrupt much, guys? And this from the party that claims to be morally superior. What a national embarrassment! Now I see why their mascot is a jackass.

Reportedly President Obama has also said that Donald Trump is unfit to hold the office of president. The president is correct when he says Trump is unfit for the presidency, but Hillary is unfit for the presidency too. (Or does that only apply to Republican candidates?) What are we supposed to do now? We’ve been betrayed by the primary voters of both parties! Has this ever happened before? I don’t think so…

Also significant is that the Republican Party didn’t, and most of them still don’t, want Trump; and the only reason he’s the nominee is that the RNC respected the will of their primary voters (unlike the DNC). They wanted to reject the vote and do some convention shenanigans, though. (Maybe they should have?) But they were at least open and honest about that fact, expressing their frustration publicly, and they didn’t go through secret back channels, conspiring to disenfranchise their voters like the DNC did.

And I have bitterly complained about the partisan bias in the news that seeks to help Democrats bury negative stories about their party and their politicians. Well, now we finally see where that kind of partisan bias leads: straight into cartoonish corruption to the core of the media’s preferred political party. This is that “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely” thing again. Without honest oversight to keep them honest, their politics became corrupted and perverted. And ironically, if the news people had removed their partisan bias and criticized the Democrats just as harshly as they do the Republicans, they would have helped the Democrats stay more honest, and we would have a far stronger, less corrupt Democratic Party today, and this humiliating scandal would not have shaken the party to its core recently. And that’s why I blame the media and their reprehensible bias for the corruption and lack of accountability we have all come to expect from our government nowadays. Jerks. Because politicians and political parties will always become as corrupt as they’re allowed to be; that’s why we need an honest and fair fourth estate. Maybe now they’ll clean up their act? Or has it become such a habit by now that they can’t quit?

Now when are they going to remind us that Hillary Clinton approved the sale of a uranium mining company with rights to 1/5 of the world’s uranium to Russia? The news said Russia is so dangerous in its furious attempts to distract from the DNC email scandal. So why is it safe for Hillary to allow that uranium deal? Trump may be dangerous in his foreign policy, but Hillary definitely is.