Thursday, August 18, 2016

Energizer Batteries Speaking Truth to Power Ad (Proposed)

After a splash screen that says: “Speaking Truth to Power” we see the Energizer Bunny (or just an Energizer Battery) standing on a pedestal, and fans cheer it and yell things like: “You’re the best battery in the world!” and “You always last longer than anyone else!” and “You power amazes me!” and “You’re the most powerful of all time!”

(This idea could actually be turned into an Olympics ad by showing the Energizer winning the gold medal, and then the hero worship.)

(I keep making proposed {read: spec} ads for Energizer Batteries because in my experience they last way, way longer than any other brand. And this is after years and years of experience using them and other brands. Not that I wouldn’t make an ad for another brand of batteries, it’s just that I have found through independent testing that Energizers last the longest and work the best.)

(BTW: This concept would make a great ad for a power company. I will be really annoyed it this gets "borrowed" too for such a purpose. {All you have to do is contact me if you want to use one of my concepts, guys…})