Monday, August 29, 2016

It’s Always Something…

I read Gene Wilder died today. He was so amazingly funny. And I would say I’m sorry he’s gone, only the love of his life, Gilda Radner, died so young, and he always seemed so sad after that. Maybe he can be with her now?

Yeah, Gene Wilder and Gilda Radner: their comedy stuff was so amazing! Only you can’t watch it unless you buy it. I tried to look up Gilda’s famous: “It’s always something!” but I’m not allowed to see it. Most people don’t even know who she is anymore, but still, if you want to see her stuff: you have to PAY!

I have an idea: How about when some comedy legend dies, everyone gets to see their stuff for free for a day just so everyone remembers who they were. But most people might not know for a few days, so how about a week? Like we couldn’t see that on TV for free?

I seriously do not understand the miser attitude of content owners sometimes. Yes, let’s hoard all the content nobody knows about! We’ll make so much money once everyone has completely forgotten!

Pirated stuff on YouTube at least makes us remember things we’d like to own, or else makes it so people can see something for the first time when it’s totally unavailable otherwise. But cool: let’s kill content people want to see and sue everyone who likes it. They deserve it for trying to share what they love with other people.

Most of us can see Gene Wilder’s stuff, but it’s a lot harder to see Gilda Radner’s stuff. They were equally talented, so why isn’t it equally easy to see it?

Here’s the story about Gene Wilder’s death (But I would prefer to think of him being killed by some Young Frankenstein monster, or maybe someone like Mongo):

(BTW: That thing she said as Rosanne Rosannadanna is so true, it's brilliant! There is always something about everyone that annoys everyone else. It is totally true, and so smart of her to point it out in such a funny way! I miss her fun outlook on life every day! And she died in 1989. That's not fair! We all lose when people like her die, but especially when they die so young. What a gyp!)