Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Hillary Clinton “Our Children Are Watching” Political Ad

In this ad for Hillary Clinton I just saw on TV, we see a bunch of news clips of Donald Trump saying ridiculously idiotic and offensive things, and we cut to kids looking as though they are looking at an unseen television screen. And after this, the spot shows a black screen with the words: “Our children are watching.” And then it shows a black screen that says: “What kind of president will they see?” (The online version of this ad uses: “What example will we set for them?”)

This political ad is remarkably effective for the most part. In fact, I could see Donald Trump supporters watching this ad and saying to themselves: “Wow, he really is an unhinged jerk. Maybe I shouldn’t vote for him.” And the bit about our children are watching adds fuel to that fire, making it even more effective. But unfortunately, it fumbles on the goal line with its last line of text: “What kind of president will they see?” They really should have ended the spot on the line: “Our children are watching,” or rephrased the last line of text, because as it is, it leaves us thinking of the fact that if Donald Trump wins, our children will see a blustery, snide, arrogant, offensive person who says yucky things; and if Hillary Clinton wins, our children will see a pathological liar with a long history of corruption who always gets away with all of her wrongdoing, and a news industry that helps her get away with everything. (The online version of this ad that uses: “What example will we set for them?” has exactly the same problem: voting for either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump will set a horrible example for our children.)

I’m afraid that while a Trump presidency would encourage bullying, bigotry and foul language in our children, a Hillary presidency would encourage dishonesty, greed, hypocrisy, and potentially criminality in our kids; and they might expect to get away with it too no matter how often they get caught, because Hillary certainly does. Our children understand a lot more than we’re often aware that they do, and both of these potential presidents offer plenty of negative attributes to corrupt them. And in Hillary Clinton’s case, our children will learn that an entire industry of adults, the ones whose job it is to keep us informed, will gladly look the other way at misbehavior when it is committed by people they like and agree with, and that this double standard helps the misbehavior to go unpunished. And that lesson, that adults are every bit as biased and dishonest as children can be, and that powerful people almost always get away with wrongdoing, could be the most disillusioning and disastrous of all.

So this is not the great political ad it could have been for the simple reason that its last line, intended to remind us of the negative attributes of one candidate, actually reminds us of the negative attributes of both of them (unless the viewer is so brainwashed by partisan groupthink that they don’t know, or refuse to believe, how corrupt and dishonest the DNC and its candidate for president are. And if they are so willfully ignorant of Hillary’s negatives, and of the recently exposed DNC corruption and hypocrisy, then that right there displays and confirms the poisonous effects of a news industry that’s corrupted to the core by partisan bias and favoritism and the unethical behavior that inspires in its intentional efforts to misinform the public).

Here is one of these Hillary Clinton: “Our children are watching” ads, but this one ends with cherry-picked Hillary Clinton quotes designed to make her look good, whereas the one I saw on TV did not include any clips or quotes from Hillary Clinton, but rather, it ends on the black screen that says: “What kind of president will they see?” (This ad I am attaching a link to works far better for Hillary by including some clips of her saying some things from her speech {that was written by someone else and that she simply read aloud}, and that helps distract a little bit from the line: “What kind of president will they see?” {This ad actually uses the similar, but slightly different line: “What example will we set for them?” but my criticism is still just as valid for this line of text as it is for the line: “What kind of president will they see?”} which reminds us that Hillary has plenty of negatives to corrupt or disillusion our children too. The sad fact is, both of the major party candidates for president this time around are just about the worst candidates we’ve ever had to choose from, and they are just about equally bad and equally dangerous for our country to elect):

And here’s a YouTube video of Hillary Clinton demonstrating in small part what kind of president our children will see, and what example we will set for our children if we elect this selfish, corrupt, deceptive, habitual liar president of the United States:

And here’s another YouTube video that demonstrates more about what our children will see if we elect Hillary Clinton as the president our this country (It does not begin well, but aside from the movie clips with the offensive jokes, it exposes an awful lot of actual true facts about Hillary Clinton’s behavior):

If Hillary Clinton truly wants to make sure that our children are taught good values from the outcome of this election, after she’s elected, she should turn herself in to the police, confess to all her wrongdoing, and insist upon a prison sentence. And then she should give a prison interview where she tells the truth behind every lie she’s ever told, if she can remember them all. But she clearly doesn’t care about the children or else she wouldn’t behave in such a disgraceful manner so often. This is simply a cynical attempt to tug at our heartstrings with cute kids.