Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Preparation H Welcome to Kiester Ad

Preparation H has a new tame double entendre spot featuring a woman on a bicycle talking all about all the things you'll find in Kiester, the town she's from, apparently. And if she's comfortable telling you all about what you'll find in Kiester, then you'll be comfortable finding Preparation H in your keister. Or that's the drift, anyway.

I think after this one, the only place left to go will be to have some normal wimpy man complain of hemorrhoids in a biker bar or a gym or something, and some huge threatening guy holds up a package of Preparation H to his face and says: "Shove it up your ass!"

Then the tagline is, obviously: "Preparation H: Shove it up your ass."

Maybe that can be the movie theater or internet commercial for this product you may also find in Kiester. Somehow I think people would remember that ad.

Here's the keister commercial:

(They spelled keister wrong, I'm guessing on purpose. Maybe it was so nobody could tell they were making a joke reference to a butt? But that's the whole point of the ad, so then why not just spell it correctly?)