Sunday, August 7, 2016

Olympics Doping Double Standards

Russia’s entire Paralympics team has been banned from the Paralympics.

So it’s fine to have a state-sponsored doping program with rampant corruption within the anti-doping testing ranks for Olympic athletes, but it is unacceptable for Paralympic athletes to do the same thing? (If they even did it at all.) Wow, way to have a double standard!

Shame on you for trying to cheat with steroids, if you’re disabled! That makes you handycapable, and that’s cheating! Only able-bodied athletes are allowed to cheat!

Wow, disabled people will want equal rights next! But don’t worry: the IOC will make sure they don’t get equality! The IOC will always dump all the punishments on the Paralympians, because they deserve it. Why do they deserve it? Because the Paralympics don’t generate as much money or sponsorships as the regular Olympics, so nyah. (That’s what all my friends on the IOC Anti-Disabled Committee told me. Nice they were so honest, don’t you think?)